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About Us

Hi. My name is 'Sola Kolawole. I left LAUTECH in October 2004 with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Urban & Regional Planning. I was also Students Union President between 2002 and 2004.

I am a Consulting Town Planner and an Agribusiness Value-Chain Consultant. I am a Co-Initiator of #fundLAUTECH. This is the power of many in action. It is a painstaking but creative intervention in a very disheartening situation. We have all come together to chart an intellectual way forward for this stalemate.

The future is bleak not just for the over 30,000 undergraduates, postgraduate and professional postgraduate students on the campus but also the thousands of families whose livelihood are connected to the existence of the University. Unfortunately, the Visitors have not helped matters. Its been stories and stories and more stories.

Ultimately, if we don't intervene the University will go into extinction either soon or later. We all can decide to sit down, fold our hands and whine but that will not solve this problem.

#fundLAUTECH is our response to this crisis. It is a Crowd funding concept new to this clime and I can assure you that there is a robust roadmap to sustaining the outcome of this drive. It is urgent; It is a sacrifice and we can all rise to the occasion. I invite all men and women of goodwill to join us to push this further and farther.

My name is 'Saheed Adetunbi Ige. I got all my degrees, including a doctorate in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from LAUTECH. I am a Rural Sociologist, Researcher and Academician. I would not have gone this far if LAUTECH was shutdown.

I am also a Co-Initiator of #FundLautech. It is indeed a painstaking but creative intervention in a pathetic situation. The future is indeed bleak if we don't rise to this occasion. Lecturers, majority of my colleagues,  non academic staffs, stakeholders in the larger context of the LAUTECH project now live from hand to mouth.

The two Visitors have declined to give the situation the required attention. For them, LAUTECH is not a legacy to defend and support. The University is now an orphan. As beneficiaries of everything that LAUTECH stands for we just need a way forward. The situation is already perplexing and #fundLAUTECH is our own response to this crisis.

It is a Crowd funding concept and there is a robust roadmap to sustaining it.

Your widows mite will go a long way. Please support this cause.

My name is Ropo Egbeleke. I left LAUTECH with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Agronomy after which I attended the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Hague, Netherlands where I did an MA in Development Studies with Major in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspective.

While I was at LAUTECH I was elected twice as, Students Union President between 2001-2002 and 2004-2005.

I am a Co-Initiator of #FundLautech. Many people will not understand why we have gone this far to intervene in this very sensitive situation. The statistics are just too painful. The hardship students and parents are going through right now and the trauma for workers and non-workers alike. If we don't do this, the University will be history very soon.

We all can decide to ignore the situation and pretend that all is well or perhaps help will come from somewhere. Let us embrace #fundLAUTECH. It is a Crowd funding initiative. It will give us the required mileage in solving the problem in the interim while we work on a long term solution with all major stakeholders. Join us.

Hi. Am Olatunde Ajayi-Ope. A Publisher, Publicist and Events Planner. A graduate of Fine and Applied Arts and the pioneer Senate President of Faculty of Environmental Science Students Association 2000-2001. Like Nehemiah, when I heard the news from my alma mata, I sat down, with a heavy heart! A very disheartening news of students been at the same level for over two years!

LAUTECH is a product of the African nature of cooperation and togetherness. A university that was seeded with monies of "all" across all borders and tribal divides, afterall the late Chief MKO Abiola was the highest donor of N2,050,000:00. Yet he neither had any ward that attended the school nor was he from Oyo/Osun States. The Yorubas have a saying that "Agbajowo la fi n so'ya, ajeje owo kan ko gbe eru dóri" i.e. Its the collective effort of the fingers that you strike, no one can carry a load with a single finger to the head. The situation of LAUTECH had reached a precarious stage and a quick and timely intervention can only save the situation.

I therefore appeal to all men and women of goodwill, alumni, and friends of LAUTECH to help #fundLAUTECH. Lets come together to save the destinies of over 30, 000 students. Lets join hands to #fundLAUTECH. Your little drop will make a mighty ocean. #YesWeCan

Hello. My name is Bayo Adeyinka.

As an undergraduate student of LAUTECH, I served as the President of the Students Union Government between 1997 and 1998. I graduated in 1999 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My heart bleeds when I listen to current students of the University reel out tales of woe due to the ongoing strike action. For some, life has stopped. A few have died. Many opportunities have been wasted. As for me, I cannot continue to fold my hands or wring them in helplessness. #fundlautech is our response to this unfortunate issue. Individually, we can achieve little but together we can do so much.

That's the approach we have adopted : A little here and a little there. Your contribution will go a long way. Join us.

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